Portuguese CPAN Authors

As of 2010-08-11, 37 authors are listed. If you are not listed, or wrongly listed, please inform the maintainer of the module via RT, or any other appropriate measures.

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Pause IDNameLast ReleaseDistributionsRecentKwalitee for the GameTotal KwaliteeJoinedLinks
ACARVALHOAlexandre Martins de Carvalho0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
AFFCAri Constâncio0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
AMBSAlberto Manuel Brandão Simões2024-04-1967198.64152.722001-07-05CPANTS / MetaCPAN
BALINHARicardo Filipe Liquito Balinha0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
BRACETALuís Azevedo2010-08-1120100153.122007-06-01CPANTS / MetaCPAN
CAOJosé Pinheiro Neta0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
COGJosé Alves de Castro2016-04-2830097.8148.352003-06-12CPANTS / MetaCPAN
CVICENTECarlos Vicente2014-04-023096.87151.042004-05-12CPANTS / MetaCPAN
DBCMDelfim Machado0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
DMCSDiogo Miguel Constantino dos Santos0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
FAPGFernando A. P. Gomes0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
FAROTiago Faro Pedroso0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
HUGOCOSTAHugo Costa00002008-06-08CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JACMJose Machado0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JGDAJonas Galhordas Duarte Alves0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JJOAOJose Joao Dias de Almeida0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JOAOPJoão Pedro Gonçalves0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JPOJosé Pedro Oliveira0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JRGJoão Gomes0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
LEITEPedro Leite0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MALDUARTEMiguel Angelo Lapa Duarte0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MANUManuel Valente0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MARISABTMarisa Fernanda Pereira Brites0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MBATISTAManuel Batista0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MEGACristina Martins Nunes00002008-07-09CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MELOPedro Melo2020-08-1029098.84154.282002-11-26CPANTS / MetaCPAN
NEVESMarco Neves2021-02-226096.25148.752001-11-27CPANTS / MetaCPAN
NFMNUNESNuno Filipe Monteiro Nunes0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
PLANKCláudio Valente0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
ROOTRúben Fonseca0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
SANTOSJosé Santos0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
SMASHNuno Carvalho2017-10-2916098.89151.562005-12-28CPANTS / MetaCPAN
STRANGELuciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha2022-04-1324501001502008-08-05CPANTS / MetaCPAN
UNOBEDavid Romano2010-03-1320100153.122006-07-01CPANTS / MetaCPAN
ZBUHNuno Martins0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN

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