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Pause IDNamedistributionsrecent distskwalitee for the gametotal kwaliteesincesee also
ASHLEYAshley Pond V — 바보 양키스18095.46123.532002-02-17details / CPAN
JROCKWAYJonathan Rockway65097.14125.842005-11-15details / CPAN
MJDMark Jason Dominus (陶敏修)27086.83109.37-details / CPAN
MSCHWERNMichael G Schwern56092.68119.76-details / CPAN
MSTROUTMatt S Trout69096.55125.712004-02-27details / CPAN
RIBASUSHIPeter Rabbitson7094.29127.622008-09-24details / CPAN
RJBSRicardo SIGNES 😄292099.58129.522001-12-12details / CPAN
SSCAFFIDIStephen R. Scaffidi17097.76126.332007-06-21details / CPAN
SUNGOsungo8092.65122.042002-07-25details / CPAN

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