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Pause IDNamedistributionsrecent distskwalitee for the gametotal kwaliteesincesee also
AANOAAHyungsuk Hong11097.66125.452011-01-10details / CPAN
AEROC.H. Kang2098.57130.002007-11-07details / CPAN
AMORETTEHojung Youn (PAUSE Custodial Account)2088.57111.432008-10-03details / CPAN
DALINAUM김용욱1097.14125.712011-02-04details / CPAN
GYPARKGeunyoung Park30100.00128.572012-02-11details / CPAN
ISJOUNGIn Suk Joung1097.14125.712009-02-11details / CPAN
JEENJong-jin Lee6097.62129.522008-03-07details / CPAN
JPJEONJongpil Jeon1091.43114.292008-09-09details / CPAN
KEEDIKeedi Kim23099.25129.692008-11-30details / CPAN
KHSHyeonSeung Kim9097.78125.712007-11-07details / CPAN
NEWBCODEYun Chang Kang1097.14125.712013-06-05details / CPAN
POTATOGIMJi-Hyeon Gim10100.00131.432014-10-10details / CPAN
RAKJINRakjin Hwang10100.00131.432015-01-16details / CPAN
SKYENDJ.W. Han1094.29125.712012-07-30details / CPAN
YONGBINYongbin Yu000.000.002010-02-12details / CPAN
YOUYOU Hyun Jo2095.71127.142007-11-26details / CPAN

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