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Pause IDNamedistributionsrecent distskwalitee for the gametotal kwaliteesincesee also
AMORETTEHojung Youn (PAUSE Custodial Account)2088.57111.432008-10-03details / CPAN
ANDREWFAndrew Ford (PAUSE Custodial Account)14095.71118.10-details / CPAN
AVENJJon Portnoy34095.71123.362012-03-27details / CPAN
CKARGChristian Karg000.000.002011-11-13details / CPAN
ENCRYPTIOChris Kastorff000.000.002007-03-11details / CPAN
GARYAJGary Ashton-Jones000.000.002006-11-25details / CPAN
GMCCARGreg McCarroll (deceased)10092.14112.861999-10-25details / CPAN
IVORWIvor Williams15098.70124.422002-05-13details / CPAN
JAITKENJames Aitken (PAUSE Custodial Account)9099.59128.572010-04-23details / CPAN
NI-SNick Ing-Simmons (PAUSE Custodial Account)15083.49102.86-details / CPAN
NOBULLBrian McCauley (PAUSE Custodial Account)6094.86117.712001-11-27details / CPAN
RKOBESRandy Kobes (contact brian d foy)19093.02116.51-details / CPAN
SCHOPAriel Brosh (PAUSE Custodial Account)14085.71101.432000-05-11details / CPAN
SPOONIain Truskett (PAUSE Custodial Account)15094.86120.002001-12-12details / CPAN
SUGMAKMakoto Sugiyama000.000.002009-08-10details / CPAN
TADMCTad McClellan000.000.002007-01-18details / CPAN
VSARKISSVahe Sarkissian000.000.002001-06-27details / CPAN

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