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Pause IDNameLast ReleaseDistributionsRecentKwalitee for the GameTotal KwaliteeJoinedLinks
AMORETTEHojung Youn (PAUSE Custodial Account)2013-01-052087.5135.942008-10-03CPANTS / MetaCPAN
ANDREWFAndrew Ford (PAUSE Custodial Account)2013-12-3114094.27140.11999-06-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
AVENJJon Portnoy (PAUSE Custodial Account)2016-08-0134094.89145.932012-03-27CPANTS / MetaCPAN
CKARGChristian Karg00002011-11-13CPANTS / MetaCPAN
ENCRYPTIOChris Kastorff (PAUSE Custodial Account)00002007-03-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
GARYGary Howland (PAUSE Custodial Account)1996-06-035081.25122.921999-06-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
GARYAJGary Ashton-Jones00002006-11-25CPANTS / MetaCPAN
GMCCARGreg McCarroll (deceased)2008-08-1010091.41135.941999-10-25CPANTS / MetaCPAN
IVORWIvor Williams2009-03-1415099.43147.732002-05-13CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JAITKENJames Aitken (PAUSE Custodial Account)2014-02-099099.48152.082010-04-23CPANTS / MetaCPAN
KHAMPTONKip Hampton (PAUSE Custodial Account)2016-11-168093.75140.632000-11-04CPANTS / MetaCPAN
NI-SNick Ing-Simmons (PAUSE Custodial Account)2004-08-3014082.03123.831999-06-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
NOBULLBrian McCauley (PAUSE Custodial Account)2008-11-026094.38140.622001-11-27CPANTS / MetaCPAN
RKOBESRandy Kobes (contact brian d foy)2009-12-3019093.05139.581999-06-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
SCHOPAriel Brosh (PAUSE Custodial Account)2002-07-0414082.29119.792000-05-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
SPOONIain Truskett (PAUSE Custodial Account)2003-12-1115093.75142.972001-12-12CPANTS / MetaCPAN
SUGMAKMakoto Sugiyama00002009-08-10CPANTS / MetaCPAN
TADMCTad McClellan00002007-01-18CPANTS / MetaCPAN
VSARKISSVahe Sarkissian00002001-06-27CPANTS / MetaCPAN

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