Danish CPAN Authors

As of 2018-12-02, 15 authors are listed. If you are not listed, or wrongly listed, please inform the maintainer of the module via RT, or any other appropriate measures.

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Pause IDNameLast ReleaseDistributionsRecentKwalitee for the GameTotal KwaliteeJoinedLinks
ABHAsk Bjørn Hansen2024-01-2317192.61141.191999-06-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
BORUPChristian Borup0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
GRUBERAnton Berezin2015-02-116095.63146.252001-06-24CPANTS / MetaCPAN
HTOUGHenrik Tougaard0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
JONASBNjonasbn2024-07-04395100158.262003-01-15CPANTS / MetaCPAN
KAAREKaare Rasmussen2023-08-1918096.88153.542004-10-03CPANTS / MetaCPAN
KARASIKDmitry Karasik2024-07-0144692.59141.352001-05-15CPANTS / MetaCPAN
LBRLars Balker2015-05-132096.88148.442007-07-21CPANTS / MetaCPAN
LEGARTMichael Legart0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
LTHEGLERLars Thegler2024-03-183196.87146.872000-01-23CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MADZMichael Anton Dines Zedeler0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
THOMASThomas Eibner0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
TLBDKTroels Liebe Bentsen0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN
UNIEJOErik Johansen00002010-12-14CPANTS / MetaCPAN
WARMINGCasper Warming0000CPANTS / MetaCPAN

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