Canadian CPAN Authors

As of 2022-01-04, 10 authors are listed. If you are not listed, or wrongly listed, please inform the maintainer of the module via RT, or any other appropriate measures.

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Pause IDNameLast ReleaseDistributionsRecentKwalitee for the GameTotal KwaliteeJoinedLinks
ETHERKaren Etheridge2023-09-192922699.87158.622006-08-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
GTERMARSGraham TerMarsch2023-06-0633299.15158.242005-10-01CPANTS / MetaCPAN
KEVINJKevin Jones2012-04-233094.79144.792006-04-18CPANTS / MetaCPAN
LUKECLuke Closs2016-09-2224094.57144.92005-09-18CPANTS / MetaCPAN
MDMSMike Smith2005-08-052092.19137.52005-08-04CPANTS / MetaCPAN
OALDERSOlaf Alders2023-09-12721298.98157.562006-07-13CPANTS / MetaCPAN
ROMANFRoman F.2015-02-1810097.19152.52008-10-04CPANTS / MetaCPAN
STASHJeremy Stashewsky2011-09-083096.881502009-05-05CPANTS / MetaCPAN
TIMLEGGETimothy Legge2023-09-22181199.65157.822019-05-11CPANTS / MetaCPAN
ZOFFIXZoffix Znet2022-06-28980100157.132007-08-12CPANTS / MetaCPAN

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